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The worlds "most inspirational and educational film about childbirth"

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    Face of Birth DVD

    This childbirth movie will open your eyes to the importance of choosing how, where and with whom you give birth.

    The Face of Birth is an 87min documentary that examines the personal and broader social consequences of how we give birth through the personal stories and journeys of women who choose to homebirth. 

    Featuring award winning actress, Noni Hazlehurst, Dr Sara Renwick-Lau and Aboriginal teacher's assistant, Tanya Kunoth, each story is enhanced by insights from the worlds's top childbirth experts including Sheila Kitzinger, Michel Odent, Hannah Dahlen, Ina May Gaskin and Robbie Davis-Floyd, as well as many other academics, obstetricians and midwives.

    A must-see movie for anyone interested in empowering women in childbirth, The Face of Birth will encourage and inspire all who have been or are about to embark on the journey towards parenthood.

    In The Face of Birth you will learn:

    • • Why your informed choice is so important in childbirth
    • • How to sort fact from fiction in pregnancy and childbirth
    • • Why being properly informed about your options is important
    • • How your emotional safety can impact you and your baby’s physical safety
    • • How unnecessary interventions can harm you and your baby
    • • How to get the support you need to have a safe and empowered birth
    • • To believe in birth again!

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