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    Birth Stories DVD

    This DVD features empowering birth stories from 9 women who choose different models of care.

    This interactive DVD includes 9 short films ranging in duration from 8 - 20mins. Select an individual birth story or use the play all function to view the complete series as a single film.

    Featuring over 110 minutes of content, including previously unseen, extended-interview footage, this film is a must see for anyone expecting a baby, birth professionals or people who just love a good birth story.

    Birth Stories features

    • In-depth interviews with some of the worlds leading childbirth experts
    • Topics including homebirth, VBAC, Breech, intervention, Caesarean section
    • Sheila Kitzinger, Michel Odent, Hannah Dahlen, Rhea Dempsey
    • Ina May Gaskin, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Richard Porter, Sally Tracy
    • Interactive DVD with over 100 topics to choose from
    • Easy to use menu system
    • Over 230mins of content

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