Want to be part of the change?

"We believe that every woman has the right to be respected, informed and supported to give birth how, where and with whom she feels most safe. The Face of Birth was lovingly made to share this message with all the women of the world. Join us to help spread this message by getting a screening in every city of the world. "

Kate Gorman & Gavin Banks Co-Directors, The Face of Birth

Support a woman’s right to choose

Every woman, everywhere, has the right to be supported by her government to choose the best birth method for herself and her baby. We need to look beyond our differences, join together and lobby governments to build a medical framework that can support women to birth the way they need to. Governments need to ensure that funding and indemnity insurance provisions are extended to allow midwifes to practice wherever women wish to give birth.

How can I make a difference?

There are many ways you can help create change. From personal interactions to more political activities your actions will make a difference. We suggest some steps below.

  • Step 1 – Get ready

    Decide what is important to you

    Inform yourself (using more than one source) - read, discuss and research areas that are important to you.

    Determine what feels right for you.

    Ask for what you want and keep asking. If you meet resistance, there are organisations that may be able to help you – see the key groups here -if there isn’t a link for one in your country, please let us know and we will add one

    Step 2 – Get personal

    Speak up. Communication with those around you is vital in affecting change and influencing social attitudes to birth.

    Tell others about your positive birth experiences or recommend Birth Stories and other positive birth films to your friends.

    Use Facebook and other social media to pass messages, stories and events about your chosen area, share the Face of Birth facebook page and other birth organisations with your friends.

    The Face of Birth, Birth Stories and Meet The Experts are excellent resources. Share these DVDs with others by organizing a screening in your area.  Let's get a screening in every city of the world to spread the word about the power of choice.

    Start your own petition to gain the support of the community.

    Develop local groups to share stories, support each other.

    Ask to meet with management of your local maternity unit and ask how you can be involved as consumers in supporting change

  • Step 3 - Get Political

    Speak together and speak out: - communicating with a clear voice to those in positions of influence is vital to create change.

    Join groups

    Join with others to lobby for maternity reform. There are many organisations working to improve choices for women in childbirth. They need your support. Each organisation has its own focus. Find the one that best represents your point of view and offer your support. Some groups are listed  here - . - if there isn’t a link for one in your country, please let us know what you would like to add’

    Ask to meet with the management of your local maternity unit and ask how you can be involved as a consumer in supporting change

    Form consumer support groups to support your local services (sometimes these run out of our hospitals) or set up independent consumer support groups for birth in a certain area. For example mums@ryde in NSW have kept a Ryde midwifery unit open for women to have a birth in a small non interventionist environment

    Talk to the Media

    Write to your local newspaper

    Write letters to the editor every time there is a maternity related issue in the paper

    Contact local journalists to report on events you organise

    Talk to the Politicians

    Ann Catchlove, President of the Maternity Coalition has written a guide to writing political letters. Click below to download it.

    Download Guide to Political Writing (53 KB)

    Write to your local member of parliament (both state and federal) about maternity issues in your area

    Write to the Federal Health Minister about the issues that are important to you.

    Step 4 - Don't give up!

    Keep on keeping on. Lobby groups will not stop trying to change things to suit them, and they have huge resources. If you want things to change it is up to you to persist until you succeed.