Here is just a little of what people are saying about The Face of Birth

"This film is full of good information for any woman wanting to explore her birth place options… It is without a doubt the best film I have seen on the subject".

Virginia Maddock

Editor – Birthings magazine (Australia)

"Face of Birth is a powerful instrument enlightening the women`s right to choose the best care for them".

Luciana Reberte Gouveia

Nurse, Midwive and PhD student, (Brazil)

"If we didn’t watch this film 2 weeks before our baby girl was born, we would never have felt so empowered".

Crystal Cummings

Mother (Australia)

"I do not normally get personally involved in all the different things we promote on the site but I felt this cause justified our support.
Initially I thought the movie was just about home birth but what I discovered after the first 20 minutes is that it is about a parents right to choose how they want to deliver and to be supported no matter what that decision is.

The main focus in my opinion is that all participants in a birth should have the birth as a fond memory.  And that our system should support parents and medical practitioners to achieve that EVERY time.

I dislike losing to the Poms & Kiwi's in sport but to be behind them when it comes to having babies, well that is just not cool!

I am not saying that everyone should have a home birth or a midwife lead birth (my personal preference).  I am saying that if the parents want a C-Section or a home birth then the medical community should be supported to assist parents have whatever birth they want.
Sure there are some births where the danger requires hospitalisation but for most it is a natural process that humans have been doing for thousands of years before hospitals existed.

A system that allows parents to make an informed choice about their birthing options - whatever that may be - is a must!
The Bub Hub urges all parents that want a system that supports ALL without judgement to sign the petition and join the cause".

Brad Lauder

Co-Founder, The Bub Hub

"Dear Face of Birth team, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you for filming this documentary and getting the "awful truth" about Australia's current maternity system out there. A very traumatic instrumental delivery of my daughter one year ago (which was a result of the typical "cascade of interventions") where I had medical procedures performed without my consent, has caused me to still suffer from PTSD and Sheila Kitzinger's words were ringing very true in my ears. I am telling all my friends to watch your documentary as I feel the best way to avoid becoming a victim of unnecessary interventions many women are subjected to in our labour wards today, especially when they have been seeing a private OB like I did, is to be informed and educated about choices for labour and childbirth. Luckily this time I have found a very supportive and caring independent midwife for the planned home birth of our second child due at the end of May."


"I just wanted to thank Kate Gorman for both making this beautiful doco, as well as telling her story. This is a story that women have needed to be told for far too long. I found myself actually sobbing as Kate spoke of the final interaction with her OB, as it's so common, and so very wrong. I plan to spread the word to as many women as possible, but unfortunately to most of my friends and family I am the natural-birth-hippie-extremist. How sad that so many women accept this very broken system as normal.
Thanks you again with all my heart".


I saw Face of Birth last night in Northcote- thank you. I am a Bachelor of Midwifery student currently in my 2nd year. I am studying at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. I think it is imperative that all BMid students see your film.


"I just want to say a huge thank you for your film 'The Face of Birth'! I recently had a home birth (20th August 2011) with the community midwifery program in Perth, Western Australia! It was the most empowering and awe inspiring journey of my entire life! It has changed me as a person and I feel so proud and lucky to have brought my baby into the world in such a gentle and loving way! I know it was a privilege and I was so excited to hear the care givers in your film speaking with the passion that I hold so close to my heart about the choices that should and have to be empowered to the birthing women of our culture! Thank you for striving to keep my choices available and to have helped give me this opportunity! I am so proud of our beautiful baby boy and I feel like the luckiest person! Thank you!"

Kylie Haliczenko

"I am a graduate midwife working with a team of independent midwives in Melbourne (Midwives Naturally). I went to see your film last night at Fertile Ground. I absolutely loved it. I cried, I laughed and I felt vindicated. I am also wondering if there is any action/contact I can make to aid in action toward ensuring indigenous woman can choose their place of birth and that better maternity services can be provided to them where they are. Your film reignited my passion for this and I would like to do as much as I can to help. Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation of these issues."

"Thank you Gavin, Kate and also Carol for some of the foundation of the film from it's predecessor "The Politics of Birth". I went into my last birth and pregnancy with such high hopes (and met Gavin when I was 7 1/2 months or so) and it ended with such pain that I know sometimes people find it difficult to talk to me about. I ended up withdrawing from some of the 'birth arena' because it was so painful. Tonight's screening in Newcastle well and truly opened up the wound but I have needed it. Now that Ewan is almost four, I think I have the strength to face it and the violence that has plagued me. I related very much to Vicki Car's experience and that I wanted a calm birth and instead was met with a patronising OBG, a child being reefed from my innards and my first picture of him reminding me of it and him screaming and being thrust up into the glaring light of the theatre. I had had two previous c-sections before my attempted VBAC and they were beautiful in comparison. Time to speak up again. Thank you".

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that has gone into this documentary. I saw it tonight in Monbulk, Victoria and was very moved. I laughed, cried and could relate to so much of what was said. I myself, have experienced a hospital birth and two subsequent homebirths. My homebirths were the most empowering experiences of my life after a very disempowering hospital birth. I hope that the whole damn nation sits down to watch The Face Of Birth and opens their eyes to what is happening in 'modern' day society around pregnancy and birth. Enough women, babies and families have been denied a basic human right".


"Hi! Just got home from the Coffs Harbour screening... What a great job you have done in compiling such a huge story, into something palatable and tasty, & very easy to watch. I feel moved to congratulate you on PULLING IT OFF! You must be breathing deeply now that you have birthed this film! It is a very inspiring call to action for those already involved with birth, and informative for those just dipping in... As a filmmaker, I can clearly see the enormous amount of work behind Face of Birth and wish you all the best in getting it broadcast here in Aust, and if not broadcast, widely viewed, so it can contribute to the changes our society, our culture & our planet needs, to bring us back to love. I am currently working with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, creatrix of 'Birth As We Know It' on a dvd project & we are gestating another.Your sml size crew & production team is very inspiring, for the quality you have achieved. WELL DONE!"

Nicole Moore

"Kate and Gavin, Congratulations just watched FOB DVD! Many in NZ are working with HBA to have public screenings of FOB at which there will be (hopefully across the country) reference to a national Maternity Manifesto camapaign which HBA and increasing numbers of consumer groups here support! As your graph shows NZ's intervention rates are escalating! "

Maternity Manifesto; Better Beginnings

"Congratulations for the movie, it provides a broad perspective about childbirth in Australia. Face of Birth is a powerfull instrument enlightening the women`s rights to choose the best care for them".

Luciana from Brazil

Nurse midwive and phD visitor student

"Hey you mob, just wanted to say how awesome your doco is ;-) I attended the Darwin premiere last night (Im VP of the Darwin HomeBirth Group) and I can tell you that there was not one set of hands not clapping with enthusiasm at the end! Really, really well done. You've once again sparked my tired, dwindling flame of passion for womens rights, human rights, and very importantly, birth rights. I'm 10 weeks into my fourth pregnancy and have a huge obstacle in front of me regarding "choice" (or lack thereof). I'm "high risk" and fighting for my right to attempt to VBA3C. Anyhoo, I'll stop rambling! I just really wanted to say thanks for putting together such an easy and enjoyable, informative and interesting IMPORTANT documentary. I'm very very proud of you and so refreshed that someone had the time, inclination, will and desire to produce something so greatly needed for our seemingly uneducated, ill informed society. Anyhow, REALLY, Thanks xo"

Sarah Thomson

"I saw "The Face of Birth" last week at Avoca Beach Theatre and loved it. I am also a midwifery student and currently writing an essay on Aboriginal Maternal and Infant health, including birth practices. There was a lot of wonderful things in the film that I would like to referenceThank you for a wonderful, inspiring film!"

I" received my long awaited copy of face of birth today. I wasn't going to watch it, I was waiting to see it on the big screen at the screening we are organising but I couldn't wait! Thank you so much, it was wonderful. I am a home birth midwife in WA and i have been struggling for 2 years to support women to birth as they want to, this came to a head when last year i was reported to AHPRA by one of the hospitals in Perth for supporting women to HBAC. This led to me having restrictions placed on my license and until this is fully investigated i am no longer allowed to support women choosing VBAC. This is devastating for me because I have witnessed first hand the amazing empowerment and healing that birth can give, especially to the women who had been told that they couldn't do it! Thank you again, you have given me the inspiration to keep doing what I do and hope for change".


"Just saw the Sydney premiere of The Face of Birth. Loved it, and what an incredible feeling to be in a room full of people who all care so much about birth and work so hard to support women's birth choices. Thank you so much for making this film. Thank you to all the beautiful participants for sharing stories and evidence. It is clearly the fruit of much passion, hard work, and love. Can't wait to get people watching the DVD"!

"Congratulations to everyone involved in making this film - I just got home from it and loved every minute of it! (coming from a 'high risk' hospital birther) I really think that every potential mother should see this film - change needs to happen, women need to have their needs met in a holistic manner... what a great film to raise awareness! So glad I got a copy to have at home too :D xx"

"I enjoyed the premiere of this wonderful film so much last night! Thank you all so much for making it happen. Very moving, powerful, honest and true. ♥"

"I was looking forward to seeing your film for a long time & absolutely loved it- it was so uplifting and life confirming of my passion about natural birthing, so it pretty much sums up the last 7 years of my life! Congratulations and thankyou!"

"The Face of Birth is to pregnant women what the alphabet is to our children, essential for development and education. Every woman and her baby deserves a safe and calm entrance into the world. The Face of Birth will open your eyes as to why this important and how it is possible."

Justine Caines OAM

"This film is long overdue and that if it had been made 19 years ago when I made my first choice to have a homebirth, the resources to facilitate the actioning of that decision would have been more available to me. It would have also made it easier for me to answer the critics - I could simply have shown them the films. It is a beautiful film and it is an honour for me to be a participant".

Johanna Preston

Homebirth Mother

"Everyone should see this film. A must for every health professional who truely wants to be 'with woman' and a necessity for women of all ages to inspire them to exercise their human right to make informed choices in regards to their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey".

Michelle Gray

"We held our screening on March 15, and had 170 very keen, excited mostly mothers and midwives (and the odd father here and there and one GP) attend. We raised $5000, $2500 of which was donated to a birth clinic in Bali called Bumi Sehat which promotes gentle birth practices and supports women who otherwise would have no access to appropriate health care. As a midwife working in a busy regional hospital the face of birth inspired me to never give up working for change or opportunities to improve our services so that women and their families feel like they do have choices and that their voices are heard, to help make their experience be the best it can be. I would highly recommend this film to anyone interested in the issues of birth – whether they are women or health care providers – for women to be empowered, to ask questions, to seek alternatives and for health professionals to be reminded how we can best serve our communities. The film led to intelligent discussion and a sense of excitement at our work place reminding us that as midwives we can make a difference. Many women who came to see the film were enlightened as to what was possible and left knowing that they too could be part of the birth revolution".

Sue Holland, Midwife

"The Face of Birth is a fabulous film which demonstrates the importance of respecting women's choices during pregnancy and childbirth. The film also highlights the difficulty that women have accessing continuity of midwifery care in Australia, despite evidence demonstrating the significant benefits associated with this model of care for mothers and their babies.

The film provides the views of childbirth experts as well as the perspectives of a range of Australian women who have made birth choices that are not often presented in the mainstream media.  The film is informative, beautiful and entertaining.

Did you enjoy hosting a Screening event, and what did it do for your organisation?
We've found  hosting screening events to be very useful for our organisation (Maternity Coalition Qld) raising awareness about the issues we care about and advocate for, namely supporting real birth choices for all Australian women.

The film resonates with many audience members. Audience members have identified strongly with the women's stories in the film and shared some of their birth experiences with us afterwards".

Belinda Barnett

Volunteer for Maternity Coalition Qld

"This film shows the real world of birthing in Australia and how scary that can be. It has taught me to inform, educate but most of all empower people to have their choices clear in their head. So that if they are in hospital and something is offered to them, they feel comfortable to ask the all important questions WHY? What are the alternatives and possibly No thank you.

I hope with this film birthing in Australia can be improved that it's more driven by what "mother and baby" need & want. And not because its in the hospitals policies or the obstetrician always does it this way".

Ellen de Jong

Doula (Illawarra region)

"To me, the Face of Birth is an important film as it challenges the myths and sensationalism surrounding homebirth, and for the important questions it raises about the broader maternity care system in Australia, and women’s rights to choose".

Zoe Cleary

BaBS Mildura

"I thought the FOB was an awesome film - empowering women to choose how and where they want their birth and it was great to hear so many stories from all walks of life. I wish I'd seen the movie before I had my three!"

Bron Prescott

BaBS Mildura

"As a new mum to a 4 month old, I wish that I could have watched Face of Birth before Luca arrived. It was inspirational to hear other women's birth stories. FOB will hopefully help those women out there who are still confused about what birth is right for them by clarifying all the confusing information they are bombarded with. I loved it!"

Louise Di Toro

BaBS Mildura

"Our group (Birthing and Babies Support) thoroughly enjoyed hosting a screening. It was wonderful to support a cause (homebirth, women’s rights to choose) that we feel passionate about, and to feel we were providing an opportunity for community members to gather and discuss issues relating to the maternity care system in Australia more broadly, and the system at a local level.

We held our screening as part of the visiting Cunningham Dax exhibition's, ‘Picturing Mother and Child’, program of events. The exhibition featured about 40 works exploring the mother-child relationship, from 1950s to the present day. The exhibition was presented in the hallway of Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council. On the night of the screening, people were able to browse the art works prior to and at the conclusion of the screening. In my opinion, the presence of the exhibition made the film’s message even stronger - women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth matter, and that these intensely personal experiences have wide reaching implications – well beyond the baby’s birth day – and that birth has a political dimension.

The film was very warmly received in Mildura. The screening had over 100 people present, including our local state MP, midwives, obstetricians, and community members of all ages. At the conclusion of the film there was a true buzz in the room. Many people stayed behind to talk about the film, and to talk about what the film raised for them on a personal level.

The film was a great fundraiser for our group. We held our screening at Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council. The venue was donated to us for free; however, we chose to donate 20% of our group’s profits to SMECC’s women’s programs. The remaining funds will be used to purchase resources for our group (birth DVDs, literature, etc).  

I have received a great deal of positive feedback from community members following the screening. It was heartening to see that a fair number of people in attendance were ‘mainstream’ community members. Feedback was received from a number of people, both on the night, and in the days following the screening, that the film challenged their previously held (negative) views about homebirth".

Zoe Cleary

BaBS Mildura (Birthing and Babies Support)

"I love birth films and Face of Birth is my favourite. I loved the way it was filmed, I found it so beautiful to watch. I already own copies for my personal lending library and will be recommending it to all my pregnant clients. I can't praise it highly enough".

Laura Jones

Birth Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, Pregnancy Massage Therapist