A movie about EMPOWERING YOU in CHildbirth

Empowering birth stories: A mother holds her baby after a homebirth

The Face of Birth is an inspiring look at how wonderful birth can be when your right to choose how, where and with whom you give birth is respected and protected. The movie also looks at the consequences to you and your family if it is not. 


Every woman has the right to be informed about their options in childbirth.  Through an exploration of home birth, this 87 min film looks at what natural, physiological childbirth really is. Is birth a medical emergency waiting to happen or a profound, natural and physiological event that women are designed for? 

The most comprehensive film ever made on home birth and a voice of reason in the debate, The Face of Birth outlines the importance of education in birthing and the right of a woman to choose the best and safest birth method for her and her baby.


 Whether you are yet to birth or expecting child number five, this film is about women and men supporting one another in a woman’s right to choose.

The film highlights the monumental importance of birthing and tells the stories of women who choose to birth at home, in hospital VBAC and in birthing centres.

It presents vital information from the midwives, doctors and health professionals who support mothers to birth the way they need to. The film also looks at how the western medical system prioritizes its own needs over those of women.

Filmed over three years and around the world, it includes interviews with leading childbirth experts including the late Sheila Kitzinger, Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Hannah Dahlen, Sally Tracy, Rhea Dempsey, Richard Porter,  and local supporters of homebirth such as actress Noni Hazelhurst.

The Face of Birth premiered in February 2012 in Melbourne, Australia heralding much needed maternity reform in this country before undertaking a 60-stop film tour around Australia and a 25-stop NZ tour targeting midwifery professionals.

Now available for personal purchase as a DVD or download, for institutions to use in libraries, universities, hospitals, or for practitioners to use in their workplaces under Licence.

Be informed, be empowered. Watch The Face of Birth today.