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Birth Stories

How, where and with whom did you give birth and how has it impacted you?


Monday, August 29, 2011

Like any newly pregnant mum i had a vague idea about birth said to myself well i'll have drugs if i need them and my ob will be there if anything goes wrong...well how lucky i was to discover thru a friend The Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha, once i started reading her book i thought hell yeah i want natural as possible but it will be the work i do over the next few months that will make the difference....

I worked with a birth support, ...i went into labour waters/show around 2am...even with all the mental preparation i had done nothing really could prepare me for the birth support came a few hours later got me on track with my breathing...we then travelled to the hospital i went into a trance like state by the time we arrived i was 8cms...about an hour or so in i was ready to push, i squatted up on the bed and pushed about 8 times and then she came thru my legs, into my hands and we both looked at each other, not drugged just these large eyes not crying staring at me..AMAZING..