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Birth Stories

How, where and with whom did you give birth and how has it impacted you?


Saturday, September 03, 2011

I was equally terrified of labour and a caesarean when I first became pregnant. Stories of my mother's births left me believing I would need a caesarean as my pelvis would be 'too small'.

But as I fell in love with my baby inside I began to learn about birth. I was planning a hospital birth. I didn't know any different. I hoped to use meditation, breathing and active birth to get a drug-free natural birth. I almost got what I wanted. When I began to think about another baby I knew I wanted a homebirth. I was nervous about taking so much responsibility for my maternity care - but when I met my independent midwife and doula I knew I was in good hands. My husband was happy with it too. I felt so much confidence during my second pregnancy.

I really enjoyed preparing for birth with yoga, meditation and hypnobirthing. I felt like a birthing goddess! The birth caught me surprise - a fast, beautiful, powerful, ecstatic and pain-free water birth at home. It inspired me to create Birth Journeys - a birth stories book.

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