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The Face of Birth

a film about the importance of choice in pregnancy and childbirth

"The Face of Birth is to pregnant women what the alphabet is to our children, essential for development and education."

Justine Caines, OAM, Maternity Activist

"Every woman and her baby deserves a safe and calm entrance into the world. The Face of Birth will open your eyes as to why this important and how it is possible"

Justine Caines, OAM, Maternity Activist

"Everyone should see this film. A necessity for women of all ages to inspire them to exercise their human right to make informed choices in regards to their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey".

Michelle Gray, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

"The Face of Birth is the finest educational and inspirational film on the subject of childbirth that I've ever seen"
- US author, Suzanne Arms.

The Face of Birth childbirth movie DVD and HD download

Face of Birth DVD

Want a safe and empowered birth? This movie will help show you how the power of choice can make that possible.

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Birth Stories DVD

Interested in empowering birth stories? From homebirth to VBAC to Caesarean, 9 women discuss different models of care.

Birth Stories DVD 

AFI Award-winning actor, Noni Hazlehurst in the Face of Birth childbirth and homebirth movie
Ina May Gaskin in the Face of Birth childbirth movie

Childbirth Experts

Want a childbirth masterclass with some of the world's top childbirth experts? Over 230 mins of extended interviews 

Meet the experts DVD



Screenings of the face of birth

Share the worlds 'best educational and inspirational movie about childbirth' with your community, colleagues or friends.

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Safety Bay, WA, Australia

Bookings: RSVP TO Shanay Hall. Gold coin donation at the door will be donated to Bumi Sehat Birth centre in Bali. Kids are welcome!..


Bern, Switzerland

Bookings: Course evening about natural childbirth in our socity and problems about c-sections. Contact Dina Schwaar for details. ..


Kyneton, Victoria, Australia

Bookings: RSVP Mon. 8th Sept. Phone (m) 0403 753 221 or email Elizabeth Additional information: Discussion led by Lyn Kmon, midwife, & Elizabeth Hannah, Chinese medicine practitioner, wi..

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