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"The Face of Birth is the finest educational and inspirational film on the subject of childbirth that I've ever seen"- US author, Suzanne Arms.



"The Face of Birth is to pregnant women what the alphabet is to our children, essential for development and education. Every woman and her baby deserves a safe and calm entrance into the world. The Face of Birth will open your eyes as to why this important and how it is possible".
Justine Caines, OAM


"Everyone should see this film. A must for every health professional who truely wants to be 'with woman' and a necessity for women of all ages to inspire them to exercise their human right to make informed choices in regards to their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey".
Michelle Gray
Program Leader
University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia


"The Face of Birth is a fabulous film which demonstrates the importance of respecting women's choices during pregnancy and childbirth. The film also highlights the difficulty that women have accessing continuity of midwifery care in Australia, despite evidence demonstrating the significant benefits associated with this model of care for mothers and their babies".
Belinda Barnett
Maternity Coalition, Qld


"Initially I thought the movie was just about home birth but what I discovered after the first 20 minutes is that it is about a parents right to choose how they want to deliver and to be supported no matter what that decision is. The Bub Hub urges all parents that want a system that supports ALL without judgement to join the cause."
Brad Lauder,
Co-Founder. The Bub Hub


The Face of Birth DVD

87 min documentary feature

Meet the Experts DVD

230 min Childbirth Expert Masterclass

Birth Stories DVD

Series of 9 short films
111 min educational DVD



Sheila Kitzinger MBE
Social anthropologist
author & campaigner,
Oxford, UK

Dr Michel Odent

Michel Odent
Birthing educator,
researcher & author,
London, UK

Lena & Rosie Pula

Lena Pula
Traditional midwife, Arlparra Urapuntja community,
Central Australia

Hannah Dahlen

Hannah Dahlen
Midwifery scholar,
NSW, Australia

Dr Richard Porter

Richard Porter
Director Maternity Services,
Royal United Hospital,
Bath, UK

Ina May Gaskin

Ina May Gaskin
Founder & director,
The Farm Midwifery Center,

Prof Euan Wallace

Euan Wallace
Monash University
Centre Women's Health Research, Vic

Rhea Dempsey

Rhea Dempsey
Childbirth educator & Doula,
Vic, Australia

Dr Sherwood

Rupert Sherwood
President, RANZCOG,
Tas, Australia

Robbie Floyd

Robbie Davis-Floyd
Cultural Anthropologist,
Texas, USA

Justine Caines

Justine Caines OAM
Maternity Lobbyist,
ACT, Australia

Patrice Hickley

Patrice Hickey
Midwifery Group
Practice Mentor
Sunshine Hospital
Vic, Australia

Andrew Bisits

Andrew Bisits
Director of Obstetrics
Royal Hospital for Women,
Sydney, Australia

Djapirri Mununggurritji

Djapirri Mununggurritji
Manager -
Yirrkala Women’s Centre
NT, Australia